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How's your relationship holding up during the pandemic?

The pandemic has been a pressure cooker for relationships and right now, some in Windsor-Essex seem to be at the boiling point. 

Windsor woman in disbelief after police shoot, kill dog in her backyard

Windsor resident Diane Scott is still in disbelief after she says police shot and killed her 10-year-old dog in her backyard on Thursday. 

Paramedics have started vaccinating vulnerable Windsor residents in their homes

On Thursday, paramedics with Essex-Windsor EMS went door-to-door of a Windsor apartment building and asked seniors who were 80 and older if they'd like to get the first dose of the vaccine. In total, 44 people were given a shot.

A Ford City shop asked Windsorites to capture the pandemic in 19 photos. Here are some of the snaps

Empty playgrounds, light streaming through blinds and an abandoned mask lying on the ground sum up the pandemic experience for some Windsorites, who captured these scenes in a series of photos. 

As Windsor-Essex is set to vaccinate seniors 80+ in community, accessibility becomes an issue

Windsor resident Nancy McDonald says accessing the COVID-19 vaccine has already come with a few barriers, including figuring out the online registration and planning transportation to the site.

Mass vaccination clinics are coming to Windsor-Essex: Where should they go?

As the Windsor-Essex County Health Unit gears up to provide COVID-19 vaccines to the masses, part of the process requires it to choose the ideal locations for people to go to get their shots. 

Is it too soon for Windsor-Essex to come out of a lockdown? Windsor Regional Hospital weighs in

A lull in hospitalized and community COVID-19 cases means that Windsor-Essex will likely come out of a lockdown next week, but could it be too soon? 

COVID-19 outbreak declared at Windsor's Downtown Mission

A COVID-19 outbreak has been declared at Windsor's Downtown Mission Thursday. 

A border city stripped of its neighbour: Here's what Windsorites are doing without Detroit

Most locals went from weekly visits to suddenly only being able to longingly gaze at the looming buildings from afar. Without their American counterpart, Windsorites said they rediscovered parts of their hometown.

New vaccinations by Windsor hospital will stall in 2 weeks unless region receives more supply

At this time, Windsor Regional Hospital said come the final week of January, no new vaccinations will take place for up to three weeks.