Candace Maracle


Candace Maracle is Wolf Clan from Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory. She has a master’s degree in journalism from Toronto Metropolitan University. She is a laureate of The Hnatyshyn Foundation REVEAL Indigenous Art Award. Her latest film, a micro short, Lyed Corn with Ash (Wa’kenenhstóhare’) is completely in the Kanien’kéha language.

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Over 100 Indigenous artists raise $60,000 for Palestinians

Initially she'd hoped to raise $20,000 to support people on the ground in Gaza but Quill Christie Peters's Turtle Island Indigenous Artists for Palestine collected $60,000 in donations.

While some Indigenous people rally for Palestinians, others say it's not a struggle against colonialism

Many activists and academics are drawing comparisons between the plight of Palestinians in Gaza and the experiences of Indigenous people in North America, though others question this.

Indigenous language advocates ask if universities are doing enough for language revitalization

Owennatekha Maracle says universities need to ask themselves if they're contributing to strengthening Indigenous languages or if they’re "taking away an instructor who was performing a crucial function within that language community."

Ghost Hunters of the Grand River returns for 2nd season

Ghost Hunters of the Grand River’s second season premiered Oct. 25 on APTN. They call themselves SNIPE, which stands for Six Nations Investigating Paranormal Encounters. 

Honing my skills on husks at the Six Nations community corn harvest

White corn is one of the main forms of sustenance for Haundenosaunee people. This past weekend, reporter Candace Maracle joined Six Nations community members to harvest corn and prepare it for winter storage.

Orchestra's musical land acknowledgment to feature works from 3 Indigenous composers

Four musical pieces crafted by First Nations composers will be highlighted in a concert at the Ancaster Memorial Arts Centre in Hamilton on Friday.

Haudenosaunee Nationals a step closer to being in the Olympics with inclusion of lacrosse

The inclusion of lacrosse in the 2028 Summer Olympics in Los Angeles brings members of the Haudenosaunee Nationals lacrosse teams a step closer to being Olympic contenders.

University of Toronto implements tuition-free initiative for 9 First Nations

The University of Toronto has launched a tuition-free initiative for nine First Nations whose territories include or are adjacent to its campuses in downtown Toronto, Mississauga and Scarborough, part of the university's efforts to make education more accessible for Indigenous students.

Meet the Alaska Native mom and daughter behind fish camp Barbie

Angela Gonzalez creates Koyukon Athabaskan-themed Barbie scenes with her daughters.

Mi'kmaw medium Shawn Leonard trades knowledge with communities he visits

Shawn Leonard says he shared his knowledge of connecting with spirits with people in communities he visited while filming the fourth season of Spirit Talker, which premieres this fall.