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Antonia Reed is a Producer for CBC Radio based in Toronto.

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These Canadians with ADHD are finding acceptance and understanding online

As is common for people with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, 27-year-old Maylee Bossier of Chatham, Ont., said she had long put off making an appointment to get a diagnosis, as recommended by her therapist. Then the pandemic hit.

Want a healthier, easier workout? Look to Finland for the answer

Walking is great exercise on its own, but researchers at the University of Ottawa Heart Institute have found that the simple addition of poles can provide even more health benefits.

These Canadians are picking up the physical activity pace thanks to their pooches

Some Canadians say having a dog has motivated them to move during the pandemic. An exercise expert with ParticipAction says some studies suggest people with pooches walk about four times a day and get an average of 160 minutes of exercise a week.

Canadians who got pandemic pets say they've experienced mental health benefits

For some Canadians, getting a pet during the pandemic was more than just a way to fill their days with something new. Many say they've experienced a boost to their mental health, and now are worried about leaving their pets at home as they return to workplaces, or are asking to bring their animals with them.

Not just a teenage illness: Adults suffer from eating disorders too

Eating disorders are often seen as something that affects younger people, but these illnesses can linger into adulthood. During the pandemic more and more adults are developing issues around food and body image and it's a trend that may only get worse as more people return to the office.

Youth are 'wired' to push for change, researcher says about why they're climate choice influencers

Youth "are literally wired to challenge the status quo," which is why they tend to be at the forefront of movements like the fight against climate change, says a University of Waterloo researcher. Shakti Ramkumar is among young people driving change and will join other Canadians at the Glasgow climate change summit.

Pandemic learning loss is real and kids need help to catch up, education experts say

Every summer, children forget some of what they learned during the previous school year, but now experts are warning that because of school closures and other disruptions during the pandemic, students will have a lot more lost learning to make up for.

Getting kids active after COVID-19 will be a 'substantial challenge,' says public health researcher

With parents busy working and young people learning online, activity levels for children dropped dramatically during the pandemic, say Canadian experts, who warn it will take more than just returning to in-person classes to get them back to pre-COVID-19 levels. 

School supplies — check. But have you looked into children's back-to-class mental health?

From an anxious child who's hesitant to leave home, to a teen with underlying depression that's worsened due to social isolation and online schooling pressures, young people's mental health has suffered during the pandemic, say Canadian experts urging a focus on students' emotional needs.

Anxious over COVID-19 weight gain? Experts say go easy on yourself

For Canadians anxious about how much weight they've gained during the pandemic, experts say crash diets aren't the answer. Focus on nutritional changes you can maintain long term, and in the meantime, don't worry. Chances are no one will really notice you've changed.