O Canada, sung by people who lost the Ticat anthem competition

The Hamilton Tiger-Cats searched the city for an inspiring new anthem singer. They found one. A ten-year-old girl. She'll hear the crowd cheer at every Ticat home game this season. Here's a look at some of the best and most interesting runners-up.

Here are some of the people who won't be singing the national anthem at every Ticat home game this season

When the Hamilton Tiger-Cats called out, in a contest online, for a new anthem singer, plenty of local singers stepped up to the mic.

And, like at the end of every CFL season, there's a winner and there are losers.

The winner was a 10-year-old girl. Caledonia Centennial School student Sienna Kocsis will sing at every Ticat home game this season. She's got a voice that will make you take notice when you stand for the anthem at Tim Hortons Field this summer — and she hasn't yet started sixth grade. 

Sienna wasn't even old enough, at first, to enter the competition, which was advertised on social media as for ages 13 and up.

But her mom thought she'd contact the team and see if she could enter her daughter anyway. Officials said yes, and in the end, Sienna was crowned a winner out of dozens of other entries.

For the losers, there will be no applause, but their talent and enthusiasm deserves a little Hamilton love.

That's why CBC Hamilton put together a collection of some of the most interesting anthem submissions performed for the contest. See the video below. Sing along if you know the words.

Sienna Kocsis, the Hamilton Tiger-Cats new anthem singer

The ten-year-old Caledonia student is singing at every home game this year. 2:24