Hamilton man killed in small plane crash near Brantford was 'experienced pilot,' says employer

John Bacon, 57, is dead after a small airplane crashed near the Brantford Municipal Airport on Monday, Ontario Provincial Police say.

Transportation Safety Board of Canada is investigating the Cessna 172RG crash

A 57-year-old Hamilton man is dead after a small plane crashed near the Brantford airport on Monday, Ontario Provincial Police say. (David Ritchie/CBC)

Provincial police say a 57-year-old Hamilton man is dead after a small airplane crashed near the Brantford Municipal Airport on Monday.

The plane crashed in an open field on Green Lane, according to an Ontario Provincial Police media release.

Const. Conrad Vitalis said firefighters got the lone occupant out of the plane and he was transported to hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

Police have identified the pilot as John Bacon, 57.

"We ask you to keep your thoughts and prayers with the family of the deceased ... and also the first responders who attended to the scene," Vitalis said in a video posted on Twitter at 9:28 p.m. ET Monday.

Esri Canada, a Toronto-based company that specializes in geographic information system solutions, confirmed to CBC Hamilton Tuesday that Bacon had been an employee of the company since January, after working for the City of Hamilton for nine years. 

"We are deeply saddened by the news of John Bacon's sudden passing," the company said by email. "Our hearts go out to John's family and we are keeping them in our thoughts." 

The company said Bacon was "an avid and experienced pilot" and was "engaged in his recreational activity at the time" of the crash. 

He served as program director in Esri Canada's Geospatial Infrastructure Department, leading its national program for roads and addresses, the company said. 

Heather Carvalho, spokesperson for the City of Brantford, offered condolences to the man's family.

Alexandre Fournier, a spokesperson for the Transportation Safety Board of Canada (TSB), told CBC Hamilton it had received a report of an accident involving a Cessna 172RG landing at the airport.

He added the TSB investigators "will be deploying to the site today to gather information and assess the occurrence."