3 new Ontario songs you need to hear this week

Check out new music from Jessica Stuart, Gareth Inkster and Aiwake.
Jessica Stuart's new song is part of the "Finding Fukue" soundtrack. (Jessica Stuart/Bandcamp)

Every day, musicians write, record and release new music in Ontario — so each week, we're bringing you some of our favourites.

Music columnist Adam Carter is on CBC Radio One's In the Key of C on Saturdays, with your guide to what's new and exciting in Ontario music.

Here are this week's picks:

Jessica Stuart: Fukue's Theme

Some songs might feel like a journey, but others, like Fukue's Theme, are intrinsically tied to one.

This track stems from Jessica Stewart's time living in Japan with her parents, when she was just nine years old.

In that time, she became best friends with a girl named Fukue​.​ After Stuart's family moved back to Canada, the two kept in touch as pen pals.

Until one day, Fukue's letters just stopped. So as an adult, Stuart decided to head back and find her friend.

CBC filmed a short documentary about the trip, and it is phenomenal.

This tune is from the soundtrack, and it features the sound of a 13-stringed Japanese harp called the Koto, alongside more contemporary indie influences.

Everything about this project is gripping. Take the 20 minutes to watch the short documentary — you won't regret it.

Gareth Inkster: Returns

As we head toward the holiday season, Hamilton's Gareth Inkster is back with a brand new song for Christmas. 

Returns features everything that makes his stuff great — lush, well-crafted songs that bustle with melody and layers of instrumentation.

Aiwake: Palm City

Aiwake is an electronic duo originally from Belgium and Ireland, but who now live in Ontario.

They say this song is an exploration into the peaks and valleys of having short, intense relationships.

It's the ideal kind of downtempo track for a night drive.

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