Grollier Hall victim wants compensation

A sexual abuse victim says he doesn't care if the Roman Catholic Diocese of Mackenzie goes bankrupt.

He's responding to statements the bishop made on CBC radio yesterday.

The bishop says 29 compensation claims from victims of sexual abuse may financially break his diocese.

An anonymous victim says he just wants justice.

"That is not my concern on whether or not my claim is party to an overall claim that breaks the church. How much does the church see in the price of a life?"

He was sexually abused in 1963, and even more after this date.

The man, who can't be identified, was staying at Grollier Hall in Inuvik, a student residence that's now torn down.

"The shame that I kept covering up as part of the secrecy. The conspiracy, silence that kept from allowing me to grow."

The 50-year-old says he became an alcoholic, and had several problems with relationships. For more than 30 years, he says no one believed he was a victim of sexual abuse. The victim says he doesn't care if the diocese goes bankrupt.

"It has been rough, it's been embarrassing. It's been hard. I'm the one. I'm the victim. The church is not the victim."

He, along with other victims, are now negotiating compensation claims with the church, territorial and federal government. A few years ago, three supervisors who were working at the residence were convicted of sexual abuse. Another was convicted in 1962. The bishop of the Mackenzie diocese says the claims will be assessed within a month.