Gregory Hines buried in Oakville, Ontario

Tap-dancing legend Gregory Hines was buried in Ontario on the weekend

Tap-dancing legend Gregory Hines was laid to rest in Oakville, near Toronto, over the weekend.

"He was such a famous person, yet extremely humble," said Father Marion Sobolewski of St. Mark's Roman Catholic Church.

Sobolewski recalled the performer's "shining face" in the pews when he would attend mass at the "humble and simple parish church" with his fianc, Negrita Jayde a Toronto fitness trainer and nutritionist.

"We all knew Gregory was a genius entertainer," Jayde said in her eulogy, "but I want to tell the world how he was so brilliant in life, that he was a genius Christian as well."

Hines, 57, died of cancer Aug. 9 in Los Angeles.

Although a large memorial service was held last Wednesday in Los Angeles for the Harlem-born performer, the Toronto ceremony was a more personal affair.

Afterward, Hines was laid to rest at St. Volodymyr's Ukrainian Catholic cemetery in Oakville, just west of Toronto.

Hines' work on the big screen included a lead role in 1984's The Cotton Club. He also starred with Mikhail Baryshnikov in White Nights and with Billy Crystal in Running Scared.