Gilmour quints celebrate first birthday

It's a birthday celebration times five in Saskatoon Friday as the Gilmour quintuplets turn 1.

Madisson, Alexandra, Sarah, Simon and Ryan are one of only eight sets of quints to be born in Canada since the famous Dionne quintuplets, in 1934. They were born to Yvonne and Rob Gilmour of Saskatoon.

The mother of the quints is relieved to see the first year behind her.

"I think the hardest part is over," she says. "I'm not saying it's going to get easier. Babies take a lot of time. You can imagine what five are like."

The Gilmours have had a lot of help with the children over the past year. A team of about 20 volunteers have helped give the couple a break during play time and late-night feedings.

The quints are celebrating their birthday at home with family. Five individual cakes have been donated for the special day.