Former Quebec MP says time for Clark to step aside

Former Quebec MP Heward Graffety says Joe Clark should step down for the good of the PC party.

A man Joe Clark once appointed to the federal cabinet is telling his former boss that it is time to go.

Heward Grafftey was the science and technology minister in Clark's short-lived minority government. Now Grafftey says Clark should step-down as Conservative leader for the good of the party.

Grafftey says the Progressive Conservative party needs saving - and he's just the man to do it.

Grafftey is 73 years old and has been out of politics since 1980. But the former Quebec MP wants his party's top job. Grafftey is urging Tory members to vote against Clark in next month's leadership review.

There have been grumblings about Clark's leadership, especially since his coalition with dissident Alliance MPs fell apart.

But Conservative House leader Peter MacKay says Grafftey is a one-man show. "He's entitled to his opinion but it's just that it's his opinion. I don't think it's too indicative of what the party is feeling right now."

Clark didn't comment on Grafftey's announcement. But in the past Clark has been clear that he's sticking around and that he wants to lead the Tories in the next election.