Five men sentenced for death of Nirmal Sing Gill

Five men who pleaded guilty to beating a Sihk temple caretaker to death over a year ago sat quietly today in a Surrey courtroom. In day two of the sentencing hearing, the court heard more wiretap evidence from conversations that took place days after after Nirmal Singh Gill died.

Crown Counsel is trying to prove it was a hate crime.

On one side of the courtroom members of the Sikh community sat quietly.

The court heard 26-year-old Nathan LeBlanc tell a friend he had done something very nasty but couldn't talk about it over the phone.

There was also more talk of the so-called plan B. Earlier tapes suggested the group was ready to storm a Sikh Temple on a killing spree, if it thought police officers were closing in.

Police conducted the wire taps after receiving tips following Gill's death.

Crown Counsel Ron Caryer says it appears Robert Klutch and Radoslaw Synderek were also planning an attack on a school, as well as targeting other groups and individuals.

The wire taps also talked about the group attracting more 'skins' or members to the white supremasists group. Caryer says the hearing is crucial in proving the killing was a violent hatful act..

The five men could face life in prison with no parole for seven years if the judge decides it was a hate crime.