Five friends killed, nine injured in car crash

A horrific crash on Highway 7 near Ottawa early Sunday has killed or injured a total of 16 people. Fourteen were teenaged boys driving home after a day at the cottage. Five of the boys are now dead.

The 14 were travelling together in four cars at about 1 a.m. ET, when one of the cars tried to pass another. It collided with an oncoming pickup truck that was pulling a trailer. The truck then went out of control and slammed into the other cars.

All five victims had just finished Grade 11, and all were from Kanata, a suburb of Ottawa. Those killed are:

  • Stanley Thompson, 18
  • Alan Siew, 17
  • Dustin Record, 17
  • Homoyoun Chaudry, 17
  • David Rider, 16

Most of the other teens in the accident were treated and released but two remain in Ottawa General Hospital. The occupants of the truck were also hurt -- one, a 40-year-old Whitby, Ontario man, is in serious condition.

The cause of the crash is under investigation. Police spent more than eight hours reconstructing the crash Sunday before re-opening the road. Police still don't know if there was alcohol or excessive speed involved on what was a dry, straight stretch of highway.