Final summations at Walkerton Inquiry

Today is the final day of summations at the Walkerton Inquiry. Lawyers representing Ontario's coroner's office will present their findings to the Inquiry.

Lawyers for the coroner are expected to tell the inquiry that a "healthy skepticism" is needed when dealing with the security of water systems-that there is always the possibility of operator incompetence, carelessness or unreliability.

The Coroner's Office has concluded that strict vigilance and clear, enforceable rules on water safety should replace what it calls the "climate of trust" that existed before the deadly E. coli outbreak last year.

The office of Ontario's chief coroner will present a 400-page closing submission to the hearings. The submission contains 57 recommendations on water safety that will carry a large price tag, should the government implement them.

The second phase of the Inquiry will focus on the broader issue of drinking water safety in Ontario.

AUGUST 15: Closing arguments begin at Walkerton Inquiry