Final arguments heard in Shrubsall case

The crown and defence summed up their cases in the trial of William Shrubsall Friday. He's the man accused of sexually assaulting and robbing a young woman two years ago.

Shrubsall is accused of beating the victim in this case so badly, she was in hospital for five days. The young woman's cheek bone was broken, her sinus was punctured, her eyes so swollen that she had to have surgery to have her contact lenses removed.

Crown attorney Rob Fetterly says on the night of the attack, Shrubsall followed the victim home from a downtown bar.On a street corner, he says Shrubsall brutally attacked the woman and then masturbated.

During the trial a forensic biologist testified that the DNA taken from semen stains found on the victims pants and underwear match the DNA profile of William Shrubsall. The statistical probability of finding someone else in the Canadian Caucasian population who matched that particular profile is one in one point two trillion.

The victim's purse was also found in Shrubsall's room at a university frat house during a police search. The crown says all that evidence is hard to beat.

"When you have the degree to which we have circumstantial evidence in this case, it's very strong and very persuasive," said Crown attorney Rob Fetterly.

But the defence takes a different view. Lonnie Queripel says the DNA evidence clearly contradicts eye witness accounts.

The case goes to the jury on Monday.