FHRITP-linked man fired from job apologizes to CityNews reporter Shauna Hunt

The man fired from his job after a female reporter scolded hecklers outside a soccer match for their use of a vulgar phrase known as FHRITP has apologized to her, Toronto television station CityNews says.

Man fired identified after incident outside Toronto sports stadium as Shawn Simoes

CityNews reporter Shauna Hunt confronted a group of men in Toronto and scolded them for using the vulgarity FHRITP. One of the men was fired from his job, but the TV station reports that he has apologized to Hunt. (CityNews)

The man fired from his job after a female reporter scolded hecklers outside a soccer match for their use of a vulgar phrase known as FHRITP has apologized to her, Toronto television station CityNews says. 

​Hunt confronted a group of men while doing fan interviews at a Toronto FC soccer at BMO Field last Sunday after one of them uttered the vulgar string of words. She asked the others if they were also planning to say it.

During the exchange, one of the men defended the use of FHRITP, which stands for  "f--k her right in the p---y." 

The man, who has been widely identified in the media as Shawn Simoes, was fired from his job after CityNews aired the video, which provoked a storm of anger on social media. His was reportedly an engineer with Hydro One, although Professional Engineers Ontario said he was not licensed with the regulating body.

CityNews says the man sent Hunt a written apology on Friday.

The station quotes Hunt as saying she appreciated him reaching out with what she felt was a "very genuine apology" and was "happy to accept it."

CityNews reports the man told Hunt he intended the apology to be a personal note to her and she won't release exactly what was said.

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