FBI plan to put more agents in Canada

FBI plan expansion in Canada, ask Congress for more funding

The FBI want to expand the number of their agents working inside Canada, to go along with the increased amount of intelligence shared between the two countries.

The FBI have asked the U.S. Congress for more money so that more agents can be permanently stationed here. FBI agents have been operating in Canada since the Second World War.

The FBI say since Sept. 11, they must expand internationally.

Philadelphia-based political scientist Edward Turzanski says it's no surprise.

"Structurally, I think the FBI is going to change and become more aggressive at seeking out relationships with law enforcement agencies of allied countries," sais Turzanski.

Canada and the U.S. have already increased co-operation, signing a deal last month to share RCMP and FBI fingerprint data. Toronto police have also been receiving FBI intelligence information on suspected terrorists living in the city.

An international relations professor at the University of Toronto says law enforcement agencies prefer to exchange information personally, and not rely on telephones or e-mail.

"In a way, this would be true both for Canadians and Americans, they're much happier to conduct their business face-to-face, or between individual representatives," said Wesley Wark.

Before an expansion occurs, it must be approved by the federal government in Canada and get the money from the U.S. Congress.