Environmentalists want clear-cutting stopped

Three Nova Scotia conservation groups are relying on billboards in downtown Halifax to get their message out about clear-cutting in the province.

The billboards set up by the Sierra Club of Canada, Margaree Environmental Association and the Ecology Action Centre show images of clear cuts and the caption "Going, going, gone...The Nova Scotia We Love."

Kermit deGooyer, the Wilderness Coordinator at the Ecology Action Centre in Halifax, says he hopes the billboards will spur Nova Scotians to protest further clear-cutting in the province.

"We'd like to see an end to clear-cutting right away on Crown land," deGooyer said, "and then a phase-out of clear-cutting in most cases for all other lands, starting with the large corporate land holdings."

DeGooyer also says government regulations for cutting on private land don't currently go far enough to preserve Nova Scotia forests.

According to the National Forestry Database, in 1997 nearly two square kilometres of Nova Scotia forests were clear cut each day.