Environmentalists concerned about Burns Bog as PNE site

The B.C. Government is calling it a win win situation, put the PNE and a major leisure complex on part of Delta's Burns Bog, while preserving the rest of the sensitive ecosystem. The developer says it's close to a deal with the province. But environmentalists are not reassured.

There are reports of a movie studio, a major entertainment complex and a spectacular theme park along with the PNE on part of Burns Bog. At the same time some 1400 hectares of land would be preserved. Tourism Minister Ian Waddell says the proposal would serve everyone's interests.

But environmentalists aren't so sure that developing part of the bog is practical. Eliza Olson is president of the Burns Bog Conservation Society.

Olson also worries the proposed development would release methane gas into the air, the equivalent, she says, of the annual emissions of 1.5 million cars. The final proposal is expected within the week.