Elvis Presley irks Yukon legal system

A Northern staple who has become more famous for his lawsuits than his once-quaint claims to be Elvis Presley, is fraying the collective nerves of the territory's legal system.

A Whitehorse lawyer who has had enough of Tagish Elvis and his lawsuits has gone to the territory's top court, asking it to prevent the man legally known as Elvis Presley from filing more legal actions.

The avalanche of lawsuits started when Presley got into an argument with a neighbour and was found guilty of uttering threats.

Presley sued for millions of dollars, claiming his reputation was damaged. When the case was dismissed, he appealed and sued for more.

Presley has also sued or threatened to sue Canada's attorney general, a Supreme Court justice, media outlets and several people.

Lawyer John Phelps says the frivolous actions are costing the court system too much time and money.

Phelps, who represents a police officer and the attorney general in actions brought by Presley, has already billed the two clients $20,000 in legal fees.

Vexatious or not, Presley has another two weeks; Justice Harry Maddison says he wants Presley to be fully prepared to defend himself, so yesterday put off hearing the case until Jan. 20.