Wildrose campaign bus raises eyebrows

Alberta's Wildrose Party confirmed that the questionable placement of party Leader Danielle Smith's photo on the campaign bus will be changed.

Party confirms bus design will change

Alberta's Wildrose Party unveiled their campaign bus at an event in Edmonton on Monday. (John Archer/CBC News)

Alberta's Wildrose Party confirmed that the questionable placement of party Leader Danielle Smith's photo on the campaign bus will be changed.

A photo went viral on Twitter Monday shortly after the party unveiled the bus during a pre-election event in Edmonton.

Wildrose candidate Shannon Stubbs told CBC News that the photo placement was an oversight and will be changed.

"You know after it was picked up on social media and then the calls started coming in, we just decided that the best thing would be to adjust it immediately," Stubbs said.

"Albertans are going to want to talk about the challenges of the province, rather than pictures on the side of a campaign bus."

While Smith didn't speak about the controversy after it erupted on Monday, she acknowledged it on Twitter.

"Glad to see everyone is so interested in our bus. ;) Guess we'll have to make a couple of changes huh?"

Party made right call, observer says

Wildrose MLA Heather Forsyth expressed mixed feelings about the apparent gaffe.

"Seriously, I think people need to talk about the bigger issues," she said.

"When I looked at the bus I didn't see it as everyone else has seen it and I found it offensive to begin with and now I think its humourous that people have spun it this way."

Policy studies professor Duane Bratt of Calgary's Mount Royal University says the party made the right decision to change the design but wonders if the damage has already been done.

"This is not how you want to begin the rollout of your campaign — a very important campaign, a campaign where they've made tremendous strides over the last two or three weeks — to get deflated over this," Bratt said.

Albertans are expected to go to the polls after the provincial budget is passed this week.