Wi-Fi stays in Edmonton schools after judge dismisses case

A judge has dismissed a court challenge to remove Wi-Fi from Edmonton schools.
Parent Bill Fraser failed Thursday to win an court injunction banning Wi-Fi from Edmonton schools. (CBC)

A judge has dismissed a request to remove Wi-Fi from Edmonton schools.

Bill Fraser was seeking an injunction to shut down Wi-Fi in elementary schools over potential health concerns.

Fraser and other parents at George P. Nicholson School worry exposure to the low-level radiation is harming their children.

However the judge denied the injunction saying potential harm is not the same as definite harm.

While Fraser raises important questions, he could not prove Wi-Fi harmed children, said the judge. 

Fraser said he and other parents are still intent on removing Wi-Fi from schools.

"I won't be in a court again anytime soon." he said. "As it stands today, there's other areas we'll consider before coming back to the courts.

"I have to protect my children and I'll continue to do my very best as a concerned parent to do so."