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Wallis Snowdon is a digital journalist with CBC Edmonton. She has nearly a decade of experience reporting behind her. Originally from New Brunswick, her journalism career has taken her from Nova Scotia to Fort McMurray. Share your stories with Wallis at wallis.snowdon@cbc.ca

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Canadian woman urges Ottawa to return husband from Bolivia

Megan Radford has temporarily moved in with her parents in Nova Scotia as she copes with being apart from her husband in Bolivia due to COVID-19 travel restrictions. She's appealing to the government to return him to Canada.

Skin cancer patients to benefit from 'gold standard' surgery coming to N.S.

As with any cancer, but especially on the face, getting rid of it as soon as possible is important. But the best surgical procedure for basal and squamous cell carcinomas has been unavailable in Nova Scotia. That's changing.

From sea to sea? N.S. company turns ghost gear into plastic lumber

Lost or abandoned fishing gear is being fished out of the sea. To keep it out of the dump, one company is turning the garbage into synthetic wood with the hope that it has a new role back in the sea.

Emergency alert service launched in areas affected by mass shooting, missing boy

Truro and Colchester County have been deeply affected by recent tragedies, including a mass shooting and a missing boy. In both cases, how emergency alerts were used has been questioned.

New vibe as bars, barber shops reopen under pandemic rules in Nova Scotia

There is no shortage of excitement as many Nova Scotia businesses reopen after several months. But there will be adjustments for everybody involved.

Underwater hunters discover a Titanic-like mess of decades-old fishing garbage

Shipwreck diver Tony Sampson recently found a massive underwater grave of fishing gear near Mahone Bay, N.S. It's no treasure chest, but its removal from the ocean is a valuable contribution to protecting the health of marine animals.

From Hollywood to the hospital, a Halifax man's creative path to medicine

Creating videos featuring high-powered celebrities like Kylie Jenner, Kanye West and Travis Scott are career highlights. But so is practicing emergency medicine. Meet Dalhousie University medicine's 2020 valedictorian.

One of the first in N.S. to get COVID-19 is now the first to give plasma in virus fight

Donnie Clarke has been selected as Nova Scotia's first recovered COVID-19 patient to donate plasma to a clinical trial that's looking at whether antibodies in the blood product can help others beat the virus.

A matriarch, lovingly remembered, dies of COVID-19 at Nova Scotia's hotbed for the virus

Evelina Upshaw was 94 when she died of COVID-19 and dementia in Northwood, the care home that's the centre of Nova Scotia's outbreak. Her daughters are angry at how rapidly the virus spread in the facility.

After racist graffiti shows up near Shelburne, a community bands together

Racist graffiti that uses historic tropes has popped up again near Shelburne, N.S., a town with a long black history. But after a photo of the scrawl appeared on Facebook, the community condemned it and got rid of it.

A family suffers heartbreak, but finds hope at the epicentre of an outbreak

Derrick Carvery and his grandmother Margaret Gordon's experiences with COVID-19 show two sides of an unpredictable virus. It can claim a young life, but sometimes spares the most elderly. They lived separately at Northwood, the Halifax long-term care home hard hit by the virus.

Nova Scotia cabinet minister reflects on losing his trailblazing mom to COVID-19

Thelma Coward-Ince broke barriers for Nova Scotia's black community. When she died at Northwood on April 17, she was one of the first of dozens of residents to die of COVID-19.

From Humboldt to N.S.: grieving Canadians create gifts of comfort for families caught in tragedy

Expressing sympathy after Nova Scotia's deadly shooting rampage during a pandemic has been challenging for Canadians. But thanks to an online group, crocheters from across the country are teaming up to create blankets to wrap families in comfort.

N.S. shooting rampage highlights public threat of domestic violence: victim advocates

Advocates for women say the mass shooting in Nova Scotia highlights a disturbing trend of domestic violence in Canada and how such brutality can quickly become a public threat.

Medical marathon: Doctors deal with their own stress so they can fight COVID-19

The pandemic is into its second month, and there's no end in sight. Physicians are taking care of their mental health so they can keep battling the virus on the front lines.