Voters getting out for election day

Edmonton voters are getting out in good numbers Monday.
Mayoral candidate David Dorward arrives to vote Monday at the Capilano Community League with his wife, Janice. (CBC)
Edmonton voters are getting out in good numbers.

Lineups were reported at some of the city's polling stations Monday morning.

Each of the top mayoral candidates strode purposefully to cast their ballots, with media cameras in tow. 

"I think the turnout is fabulous," said David Dorward at the Capilano Community League. "I am really encouraged that so many people came to vote in the advance polls."

Pundits believe a handful of hot-button issues — the closure of the City Centre Airport, the sale of Epcor assets and the rapid expansion of the LRT — will bring out voters.

Each side of those issues reflect very different visions for the city.

Incumbent Mayor Stephen Mandel pegs himself as the leader of Edmonton's future.

"I think it's a choice of whether you want to have a city that's going to be progressive and creative and dynamic or one that's going to be living back in the 1960s."

Mayor Stephen Mandel walks away from the voting station after marking his ballot Monday at S. Bruce Smith Junior High School. ((CBC))
Mandel is pushing for big changes such as LRT expansion, redevelopment of the University of Alberta's south campus and the river valley through winning expo 2017.

He wants a downtown arena to revitalize the core and to build a showcase community on the airport lands.

On the other end of the spectrum is Dorward. He sees himself as the leader of Edmonton's pocketbook.

"My fear of a vision that includes all of these projects going ahead at the same time is about $9 billion debt for the citizens of Edmonton to have to pay back."

Dorward says it's about getting back to the basics — the core services.

Which vision Edmontonians buy will be revealed shortly after polls close at 8 p.m.

"I think this is a very important election," said Mandel after casting his ballot at S. Bruce Smith Junior High School. "One of the most important in years."