Majority of Albertans support mandatory vaccinations for students, Vote Compass questionnaire finds

Most Albertans believe vaccinations should be mandatory for all students in schools, according to the latest results from the online questionnaire Vote Compass.

Only 8 per cent were not in favour

This photo shows a MMR vaccine which immunizes against measles, mumps and rubella. (Eric Risberg/Associated Press)

Most Albertans believe vaccinations should be mandatory for all students in schools, according to the latest results from the online questionnaire Vote Compass.

Of the more than 74,000 respondents, 68 per cent strongly agreed with the statement "routine vaccinations should be mandatory for all students in Alberta schools."

Combined with those who agreed somewhat, a total of 87 per cent of online respondents believe routine vaccinations should be mandatory.

Only eight per cent disagreed, with the remainder neutral on the issue.

More than 74,000 voters responded to an online questionnaire. (Vox Pop Labs)

The findings are based on the responses to Vote Compass from March 20 to March 28. 

Responses did not vary greatly between women and men, or by the respondents' education level.

However, people in the age bracket of 35 to 54 were less likely to strongly support mandatory immunizations than younger respondents.

The results come alongside health warnings in Alberta and an outbreak of measles in British Columbia which have prompted health experts to speak to the value of routine vaccinations.

Political views

Results based on voters' political views were also evenly distributed in the Vote Compass questionnaire, with the bulk of Vote Compass respondents favouring mandatory vaccinations no matter which party they supported. 

More than 70 per cent of those intending to vote for the Alberta Liberals, NDP and Alberta Party and 63 per cent of those voting for the UCP strongly supported vaccinations.

Results from a recent Vote Compass online questionnaire. (Vox Pop Labs)

Only the Alberta Party has released a policy platform requiring children to have up-to-date immunizations in order to attend public schools.

On March 7, leader Stephen Mandel said if elected, parents would need to provide proof that the child's immunizations are up to date under Alberta Health Services' routine immunization schedule when registering their child at any publicly-funded school.


Developed by a team of social and statistical scientists from Vox Pop Labs, Vote Compass is a civic engagement application offered in Canada exclusively by CBC News. The findings above are based on 74,624 respondents who participated in Vote Compass from from March 20 to March 28.

Unlike opinion polls, respondents to Vote Compass are not randomly selected. Vote Compass data have been weighted by geography, gender, age, educational attainment, occupation, religion, religiosity and civic engagement to ensure the sample's composition reflects that of the actual population of Canada according to census data and other population estimates.

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