Violet Chocolate Co. preps for busiest time of year

Edmonton chocolatier says business quadruples around Valentine's Day.

Owner Rebecca Grant buckling down for company's third Valentine's Day in Edmonton

Chocolatier Rebecca Grant creates her products in a location in southwest Edmonton. (CBC )

With hours ticking down until Valentine's Day, there is a lot of chocolate-making going on at the Violet Chocolate Company in Edmonton. 

Owner Rebecca Grant says she started taking orders in the middle of January.

"I would say sales triple or quadruple this time of year, right up before the holiday," Grant said.

"So it's a big one for us. You can't go wrong with chocolate at Valentine's Day."

If you're looking for the conventional cherry-filled chocolates, this is not your place. Grant offers a unique combination of flavours, ones that customers can't get enough of. 

"Probably the most unique I'd say is the salt and vinegar chip one," she says. 

"I just wanted to do a unique spin on the salted chocolate which is really big right now. Then I have a raspberry pepper lime, honey rosemary, which won an award for best chocolate in Canada. I have a violet chocolate bar, and vanilla passion fruit."

Aside from unorthodox flavours, these handmade chocolates are also friendly to those with special dietary needs. 

"All my chocolates are gluten-free, they're all preservative-free.," Grant said. "I try and limit nut use, and I do special orders for people with allergies."

Grant was first introduced to the business after graduating from the culinary arts program at NAIT.

She got her first taste of chocolate making when she worked for an already established chocolate shop.  She struck out on her own three years later at a townhouse in Windermere. 

"I couldn't find retail space that worked. It's hard finding the perfect space that's affordable so this kind of fit all the needs I had."

After two years in business, Grant is thinking about expanding.  She hopes that people who buy her chocolates at Valentine's Day, keep coming back for more.