Video teaches drivers to pull over for emergency vehicles

Emergency officials have created a video to teach drivers how to react when a police car, fire truck or ambulance show up in their rear view mirrors.

Pull over for that fire truck

9 years ago
A new video shows drivers that they need to pull over for an ambulance or fire truck 1:28

Emergency officials say not enough drivers know what to do when a police car, fire truck or ambulance approaches from behind with its lights flashing and sirens blaring.

Edmonton Police, Edmonton Fire Rescue, Alberta Health Services and the Alberta Motor Association have joined forces to create a video educating drivers on how to safely pull over to the right and come to a stop when an emergency vehicle approaches.

The point of the campaign is to save lives by allowing responders to get to an emergency more quickly, 

"For a few seconds out of your life, it can make a tremendous difference to these guys' job and somebody that you love," said Rick Lang from the Alberta Motor Association.

"It could be they are going to you. So don't worry about the $172 fine. That is nothing. Think about the lives that can be saved."