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Former food truck duo at Filistix serve up Filipino flavour at its finest

In 2008, cousins Ariel del Rosario and Roel Canafranca rolled on to Edmonton streets serving grilled skewered meat out of a food truck.

It's all about the beef at Woodshed Burgers

The best burger I ever had was in Tokyo, at a place called Blacows located in the basement of a train station.

'Order lots and share': Turquaz Alaturka serves up Turkish delights

On any given day at Turquaz Alaturka, you'll find soup, stewed chickpeas, white beans with beef, and larger dishes of braised lamb, stewed beef, roasted chicken legs, sea bream and a minced beef dish called Saj Kavurma. 

Fresh ingredients, local suppliers making Toast Culture the toast of the town

When a sign for Toast Culture went up in the windows of a space on Jasper Avenue and 119th Street earlier this year, I wondered how well this late-to-the-party food fad would fare. Apparently, it's faring just fine.

Need a burrito, pronto? Speedy's delivers fast, filling flavour

After nine years operating as Elm Café, the successful sandwich shop on 117th Street north of Jasper Avenue has been re-opened as a tiny burrito shop named Speedy's.

Eats at Writer's Room are oddly satisfying

Last week, I ate Spam, Kraft Dinner, and a deep-fried pickle in one sitting. Not sure if I should be boasting or repenting.

When it comes to tasty beer and pub fare, Two Sergeants Brewing knows the drill

Kevin Moore's military training served him well in working through the rezoning issues encountered while moving his brewery from Fort Saskatchewan into Edmonton last year. 

Running hot and cold: Chef Hung is a culinary roller coaster

Going to Taiwan and not having beef noodle soup is like going to Naples and not eating pizza. Or, going to the Louvre and not seeing the Mona Lisa. 

Artisti Pizza serves up pies just like mamma used to make

Good pie starts with a good base, and at Artisti, the dough is lovely: chewy but still tender,light yet hearty, and flavourful.

A confusion of fusion at Jang restaurant

Fusion in food can be a tricky and an exciting endeavour. The possibility of creating something wonderful out of diverse ingredients should appeal to anyone remotely interested in cooking.   

XO Bistro & Cafe serves up Vietnamese fare worthy of return visits

XO Bistro & Bar delicious Vietnamese fare in the heart of the Ice District, says Edmonton AM's food reviewer Twyla Campbell.

Prepare to line up if you're hungry for an Over Easy Breakfast

Would I wait for an hour or more in line at OEB? No. But I would return during a quiet time to enjoy some breakfast poutine (sans caviar, truffle, lobster or foie gras).

Copper Branch not as pretty or as tasty as its competitors

Copper Branch, the largest vegan restaurant chain in the world, joins the plant-based movement shouldering its way into mainstream meal options in Edmonton.

'Fantastique' dishes and drinks at French restaurant Partake

Once the word gets out about Partake, a new restaurant on 102 Ave., and how fantastic it is, I’ll probably never get a seat at the bar again.

Crave-worthy Kanu Cafe takes root on Jasper Avenue

Celebrated American chef Matthew Kenney has planted roots in Edmonton.