My Mill Woods

A look back on our Mill Woods pop-up bureau

We’re set up shop in one of Edmonton's oldest suburban communities for a one-week pop-up

Jerk chicken to corn cheese: Exploring the Mill Woods food scene

Twyla Campbell takes a food tour of Mill Woods and discovers there's an "international smorgasbord" of delicious offerings to be enjoyed.

'We're worried we're going to get flooded again': Mill Woods residents wait for drainage work to finish

As drainage work continues, Mill Woods homeowners are fighting to get guarantees new housing developments won't put additional strain on the area's drainage system. Mill Woods residents will get a new LRT line before drainage work is complete in the Milbourne neighbourhood.

From basement tapes to broadcast: Punjabi radio station stays tuned in, 40 years later

Kulmit Sangha wants to hang up the microphone but his regular listeners won’t let him go.

Mill Woods gurdwara feeds thousands of people every weekend

Hundreds of people in Mill Woods take part in langar, a free vegetarian meal to all visitors made by volunteers in the gurdwara’s community kitchen.

Faiths flourish at the churches, mosques, and gurdwaras of Mill Woods

Faith flourishes in its many forms in Mill Woods, where it's not uncommon to find churches, mosques and gurdwaras packed with people gathered to worship and help grow their communities.

'A safe place to live': Mill Woods leaves its checkered past behind

For a brief time, Mill Woods had a reputation for drive-by shootings and gang violence, though most of the headlines were tied to a few people in a few select neighbourhoods.

Your local CBC is headed to Mill Woods!

We’re setting up shop in one of Edmonton's oldest suburban communities for a one-week pop-up ... and we want to hear your stories.

'Part of the community': Latin Americans thriving in Mill Woods

The Latino community in Mill Woods is just as rich, diverse and warm as the Latin American region itself. And it helps offer a sense of found family for people who are far away from home, whether they are recent arrivals or long-time Edmontonians.

Mill Woods schools facing enrolment demand from outlying neighbourhoods

Many Mill Woods schools are seeing growing classroom sizes as a result of the demand from outlying neighbourhoods. That's a problem for older schools in the area, some of which are running out of space.

My Mill Woods: Perspectives from a Baby Boomer, a Gen-Xer and Generation Z

To kick off CBC Edmonton's week in the Mill Woods, we asked a few residents of one of Edmonton's oldest suburbs to share thoughts on what living there means to them.

Mill Woods: From experimental start on the city's edge to hub of multicultural living

CBC Edmonton is setting up a pop-up newsroom at the Mill Woods Public Library for the week of Sept. 10-14. We'll be exploring stories and perspectives from one of Edmonton's oldest communities.

How the Papaschase band is fighting to be recognized as an official First Nation

'I can feel my ancestors around me,' says Lorna Dyck, a descendant of the people who lived on the land that is now known as Mill Woods.

Edmonton homeowner fears ant infestation could leave her bankrupt

An Edmonton woman could go bankrupt less than two years after buying her first home, which passed inspection but has been plagued by water damage and a massive infestation of carpenter ants.

City forges ahead with Valley Line West LRT expropriation plans

As the Valley Line West LRT nears construction, the city is upping the ante on acquiring land needed for the expansion.

Cricket a real hit with junior high students in Edmonton

Who would've thought playing on a junior high school cricket team in Edmonton would carry so much prestige?

Edmonton's 1st Indigenous police officer honoured as Valley Line LRT stops named

Now that west extension of the Valley Line LRT has an approved route, the city has named each of the 16 stops.

Seniors' talent show brings musicians, comedians to the stage in Mill Woods

Joe Silvaggio did it his way as he suited up with a bedazzled bow tie to sing his version of the "Ol' Blue Eyes" classic at the Mill Woods Senior and Multicultural Centre Friday night.