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Playing favourites: Edmonton's building blitz of mega recreation centres a tough act to follow

In 2008, Edmonton launched an ambitious plan to step up the city's rec facilities that has garnered kudos from around the world - and raised expectations here at home.

For those who call Edmonton home, steady market makes it possible to own one

Steady growth. Affordable prices. Few big surprises. Edmonton's real estate market is defined in different terms than the red-hot markets of Toronto and Vancouver. But some say, its steady growth is actually its strength.

In this city of shopping centres, good things come in mall packages

Some of Canada's top malls are in Edmonton, with high foot traffic and the magic "mix" of retail

Edmonton restaurants redefine the art and craft of dining out

With local ingredients, adventurous menus and unique interiors, our restaurants are getting noticed

Learning curve: Edmonton's high schools are running out of room

Edmonton's school districts have opened a record number of schools this year for elementary and junior high students. Now the race is on to prepare high schools for more students than they can handle.

'Walking together': Indigenous reconciliation efforts create a new path forward

The spirit of healing is seen at the Fringe Festival, in church basements and at roundtables teaching about the treaties and what they mean.

Alberta's energy industry has a bright future — but it's going to take some work

2018 is expected to be a less volatile year, but industry experts say long-term success depends on how well it innovates to keep up with changing times

The crazy '80s: U of A grad-turned-Hollywood writer recalls ... as much as he can about Edmonton

Even though his time on campus was a blur, Joel Cohen has fond memories nonetheless - the malls, the champions, even the weather.