All this toothless tenor wants for Christmas are his three front teeth

Taylor Fawcett, an aspiring opera singer, has launched a lispy, impassioned campaign to repair his damaged mug.

Aspiring opera singer smashed his teeth during fainting spell

Taylor Fawcett knocked out his three front teeth during a fainting spell this summer. (Taylor Fawcett)

All Taylor Fawcett wants for Christmas are his three front teeth.

Fawcett, an aspiring opera singer, has launched a lispy, impassioned campaign to repair his damaged mug.

And the classically-trained tenor is willing to sing for his supper. Part of his online campaign to cover the cost of dental surgery features Fawcett performing a particularly rousing rendition of the novelty Christmas classic.

Listen in as Fawcett sings All I Want for Christmas is My Two Front Teeth, with a slight twist on the original lyrics.

Fawcett's ordeal started in July when he suffered a fainting spell in Victoria, B.C., in between rehearsals for a local production of Sweeney Todd.  

"I was out visiting friends and taking the bus home and I was standing, waiting at a bus stop in downtown Victoria when suddenly I started to feel ill," Fawcett said in an interview Tuesday with CBC Radio's Edmonton AM.

"A moment later, I woke up on the pavement."

The impact between Fawcett's face and the ground knocked out three front teeth, broke his nose and left him with a fat lip and a shiner.

"I woke up and felt around with my tongue and sure enough, these three front teeth were gone," said Fawcett, who has moved back to Edmonton since the accident.

"I fainted. It was the first time in my life that it's happened."

"I'm not going to spend any time being upset about this. I can't rewind time and put the teeth back in so I'm just going to focus on a solution."

Aspiring tenor Taylor Fawcett sings his own version of a Christmas classic, and tells the story of how he lost his own front three teeth. 1:41

Fawcett said he has invested in temporary false teeth but it's not ideal. 

"The lisp is there, the air flows out of your face faster than it would with teeth and the optics of it all is less than desirable," Fawcett said.

Fawcett, who just finished the first year of his master's degree at the University of Victoria, was forced to put his studies on hold and turn down any new gigs during his recovery.

Hopefully I come back better than before.- Taylor Fawcett

He said he was initially reluctant to ask for money but with no medical insurance, replacing his teeth will cost upwards of $15,000.

He launched a GoFundMe campaign last month. 

With more than $10,000 donated so far, he's set to undergo a string of costly dental procedures to fully restore his damaged smile.

"I was hesitant at first," he said. "It's kind of a difficult thing to do but I'm really happy that we went forward with it.

"Just seeing all the support and love that I have from people ... It's been so touching and overwhelming."

Fawcett has scheduled his first surgery for Christmas Eve. He hopes to be back to his old self by September.

"It's just a bit of time off and hopefully I come back better than before."

With files from Stephanie Mitchell