Too early for internet voting, say Edmonton councillors

Internet voting may not be an option in the municipal election this October.

Internet voting may not be an option in Edmonton's municipal election this October.

While the director of the City of Edmonton's election office says it's time to give internet voting a try, computer experts say it may be too soon.

"I don't think the technology exists right now to actually have a secure internet vote where people can trust that their ballot was received and received exactly as it was cast," Chris Cates told councillors at public meeting Monday morning.

Several councillors agreed saying they don't feel ready for Edmoton to be the first in Alberta to allow voters to cast ballots on their computer.

But Maxine Nathan, a single mother who was part of the city's citizen review panel, said internet voting is what it'll take to get people like her to vote.

"When I get home at night I'm tired. I work two jobs. You want to get people out there voting, it's an option. It's not the only choice, it's an option."

The report will go to city council next week for a vote.

With files from CBC's Lydia Neufeld