Tonka the miniature pony gets an 'Incredible' costume

Tonka the miniature pony receives a handmade costume from his owner every Halloween.

'Took me about 16 hours of cutting, sewing, and re-fitting'

Tonka the miniature pony from Legal, Alta. has an incredible Halloween costume - and for his owner, creating one-of-a-kind costumes is an annual tradition. 1:19

It's a bird! It's a plane!

Or maybe it's a miniature pony.

It's Tonka, the nine-year-old miniature pony, to be exact.

His owner Patty Kramps has spent the last five years creating one-of-a-kind costumes for Tonka.

"It's just a lot of fun to do this with these little guys, I do a lot with them and I like my little sewing machine and I get kind of out of control," she said.

This year, the costume is incredible — Kramps spent many hours bent over her sewing machine creating a costume inspired by The Incredibles, the Pixar movie.

The Incredible Tonka and her owner Patty Kramps dressed as Edna Mole. (Patty Kramps)

She even created an Edna Mole costume, another character in the film, for herself.

"[It] took me about 16 hours of cutting, sewing, and re-fitting," she said.

Kramps has several miniature ponies on her land near Legal, but Tonka is her favourite to dress up.

"He's the go-to," she said. "He has attitude but he always steps up, he also does what I want him to do and he does the best he can to pull it off."

In 2014, Kramps dressed Tonka up as a horse fit for a knight, a costume she thought would be hard to beat.

Tonka dressed as a horse fit for a Knight in 2014. (Patty Kramps)

But she said she already has plans in the work for next year — though she's not letting anything slip.

"Of course, that's a secret," she said, adding that she won't be revealing anything until next year.