March 11, 1994: West Edmonton Mall changes amusement park name

It's now known as Galaxyland, but the name of West Edmonton's Mall's amusement park wasn't always so out of this world — trouble brewed between the mall and Disney over naming rights.

A naming dispute with Disney forced the mall to drop Fantasyland brand

From the archives: Fantasyland name hits legal wall in Edmonton

5 years ago
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On March 11, 1994, an appeal court ruled that West Edmonton Mall can no longer use the Fantasyland name for its amusement park.

It's now known as Galaxyland, but the name of West Edmonton's Mall's amusement park wasn't always so out of this world. 

The park was first called Fantasyland when it opened at West Edmonton Mall in 1983. The name immediately drew attention — Fantasyland had been an attraction in Disneyland since 1952, and was known as the home of Sleeping Beauty's Castle. 

In the initial lawsuit, Disney sued West Edmonton Mall for their use of the name, and the court ruled in Disney's favour. However, the court allowed the mall to continue using the name during the appeal process that followed.

The naming dispute came to an end when the appeal ruling was handed down on March 11, 1994. 

The court found that Disney had been using the Fantasyland name long before West Edmonton Mall — therefore the mall must change the name of the indoor amusement park.

West Edmonton Mall with the Fantasyland logo in 1994 (CBC)

Galaxyland was the new name chosen for the amusement park in 1995, but the Fantasyland Hotel continues to operate under its original name.

In this archive video, CBC's Rick Boguski reports on the legal controversy and eventual ruling that led to the name change at the amusement park.