A lofty proposal: Real estate agent wants Edmonton to build world's biggest tree house

Jyoti Lamba’s vision for a tree house in Edmonton’s river valley would put most people’s childhood fantasies to shame

Playful concept is one of 10 finalists in the Edmonton Project competition

Jyoti Lamba thinks a giant tree house would be the perfect refuge for Edmonton's river valley. (The Edmonton Project)

Jyoti Lamba's vision for a tree house in Edmonton's river valley would put most people's childhood fantasies to shame.

Lamba wants to construct the largest tree house in the world, in the heart of the capital city's beloved park space.

The tree house would have to be larger than the current Guinness World Records holder, a 10,000-square-foot structure in the treetops of Crossville, Tenn. 

Being up in the canopy, overlooking the river valley, would be an attraction the entire city could enjoy, said Lamba.

After all, there would be plenty of room for everyone to gather, explore and enjoy the view, she said.

I wanted there to be a way for people to enjoy the beauty of the winter- Jyoti Lamba

"My idea is something that all Edmontonians could enjoy, people of all ages, and most importantly for all seasons," said Lamba, a commercial real estate agent.

"There is a hesitancy on [cold] days like today. People don't really want to go into the river valley, for obvious reasons, so I wanted there to be a way for people to enjoy the beauty of the winter."

The tree house is among 10 finalists in the Edmonton Project, a competition which aims to find the best new attraction for Edmonton and make sure it gets built.
River valley saunas are one of 10 ideas that were pitched to the Edmonton Project. The winner will be chosen in March. (Emma Sanborn)
Lamba's tree house is in contention against other fantastical ideas such as a food truck ferris wheel and the construction of steamy public saunas in the river valley.

While there is a 'People's Choice' section of the competition allowing Edmontonians to vote on their favourite pitches, the winning idea will be selected next month by a panel of judges.

Lamba's tree house would be built to withstand Alberta's unforgiving winters, and provide a much-needed refuge for nature lovers who struggle with the cold.

She envisions a space with a wine bar, a multi-storey kids' playground, restaurant, and a live music space.

Her vision is of a place that can be enjoyed by Edmontonians of any age, in any season.

"I was thinking [of a building] with lots of wood and glass so people could be in the river valley, enjoy the views but still be warm by the fireplace, enjoying a glass of wine.

"People are really excited about being able to enjoy the river valley in all seasons."

CBC Radio's Edmonton AM will be talking to each of the finalists and profiling the final project pitches over the next two weeks. Submit your vote in the Edmonton Project online.

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