Tanara McLean

Tanara McLean is a producer and journalist at CBC Edmonton. She grew up in Red Deer and has spent her entire career in Alberta, working in print, radio and television.

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Learning to speak still a struggle for woman hit by U-Haul truck in Edmonton

Kimberly O'Hara, Jordan Stewardson and Levi Wagner were looking for a place to eat along Jasper Avenue the night of Sept. 30, 2017.

'Beefier barley' researcher says her work does not promote positives of climate change

A university researcher whose work was used in controversial billboards around Edmonton and Calgary says her work was not intended to portray any positive effects of climate change.

Hand washing rates at Edmonton hospitals improve, but could be better

The latest hand hygiene performance measures from Alberta Health Services show Edmonton hospitals went from worst to near-benchmark for how well hospital staff wash their hands over the past six years.

Performing macaw named Captain Jack has a rival somewhere in Edmonton

A  blue-and-gold macaw named Captain Jack has been stealing hearts for years in Edmonton, appearing at festivals, parties, day cares and nursing homes.

Premier steel-pan tuner hits the right notes ahead of Cariwest Festival in Edmonton

Edmonton’s premier steel-pan orchestra has flown in the best of the best to take care of their instruments ahead of the Cariwest festival this weekend.

Edmonton man making 'exceptional' recovery after brain injury

After David Radford completed his dream of touring the world solo on a motorcycle, his life was upended in 2015 by a traumatic brain injury.

Private security contract in St. Paul extended to help curb crime

The town of St. Paul has extended a contract for private security to help manage crime in the small community west of Edmonton.

Majority of Edmonton pedestrian collisions happen in marked crossings, stats show

City of Edmonton numbers show there were 257 injury or fatal collisions involving pedestrians in 2018.

Non-alcoholic beer selection nearly quadruples at AGLC since 2012

The AGLC says their list of products in the non-alcoholic beer category has gone from 12 items in 2012 to 44 this year.

Video of man shooting fireworks at swan in Grande Prairie prompts investigation

Alberta Fish and Wildlife are investigating after video surfaced of a man allegedly shooting fireworks at swans on a Grande Prairie lake earlier this week.

Dene elder questions Alberta eagle feather policy

Dene Elder Patrick Deranger's application to acquire eagle feathers to honour a small group of Indigenous high school graduates in 2018 was denied.

'Comically confusing': Traffic lights confound drivers at Westmount intersection

The eastbound lanes at a Westmount intersection have a one-of-a-kind signalling system that uses two separate sets of traffic lights for the right and left lanes respectively.

St. Albert mom shocked after son robbed with weapon at school park

Leesa Sylyski is keeping her 13-year-old son closer to home after his cellphone was stolen while he was riding his bike at a St. Albert park Monday.

Number of unsold new homes in Edmonton hits record high in January

Almost 2,000 new Edmonton homes were unsold in January.

Funicular not fun for city to maintain during first year

Funicular cost $716,468 to operate in first year of service, but the project had an issue with the emergency stop button being pressed more than 300 times.