Support for Fort McMurray spans the globe

News of the Fort McMurray wildfire has reached the far corners of the globe, and people around the world are contributing to the relief effort for evacuees.

From Qatar to WWE wrestlers, news of the wildfire continues to stun the world

News of the Fort McMurray wildfire has people around the world opening up their pocketbooks for displaced residents. 

The wildfire is now more than 520,000 hectares in size and remains out of control, but people across the globe are finding ways to help.

Chinese students pitching in

Students at Hangzhou International School, a private K-12 school in China, are selling "Stay Strong For Fort Mac" wristbands to raise money for the Canadian Red Cross. They've already sold out of wristbands, and are in the process of ordering more.

Upper School Principal Lesley Street said the campaign was spearheaded by Grade 11 students, Lucinda Yu Liu, who was born in Canada, and Xenia Niesel, who saw footage of the fires on television.

Chinese students Lucinda Yu Liu and Xenia Niesel show off the bracelets they're selling for Fort McMurray wildfire relief. (Supplied/Lesley Street)

Rob Schneider puts a smile on evacuees' faces

Known for his roles in Deuce Bigalow, The Hot Chick and The Benchwarmers, the actor and comedian donated all proceeds — around $65,000 — from his two recent shows at The Comic Strip in Edmonton towards Fort McMurray relief.

"Everybody should try to help, and the least I can do is put on a show," Schneider said.

American funnyman Rob Schneider donated all proceeds from two Edmonton shows to Fort McMurray relief. (CBC)

Tim Horton's collecting donations in Qatar

A Tim Horton's kiosk in Qatar recently showed footage of the wildfire and collected donations for relief efforts.

The fundraising campaign was in conjunction with the College of The North Atlantic, a Newfoundland-based college in Qatar.

The kiosk raised around $9,000 Canadian dollars. 

A Tim Horton's kiosk in Qatar was collecting donations for Fort McMurray wildfire relief last week. (Supplied/Julian Branch)

WWE wrestlers raise money

WWE Superstars Tyler Breeze & Kevin Owens have teamed up to raise money for the Canadian Red Cross.

They've raised around $70,000 so far, out of a goal of $100,000. Their GoFundMe donation page is open until Monday night. 

NHL hockey chipping in

Conference finalists the San Jose Sharks even collected donations for the Red Cross during their game Sunday against the St. Louis Blues.

The San Jose sharks were collecting donations for Fort McMurray on Sunday. (Twitter/Christine Simpson)