Meet the candidates for St. Albert and Strathcona County's 2021 elections

On Monday, St. Albert and Strathcona County voters will head to the polls to choose who will be the mayors and councillors of the communities neighbouring Edmonton.

2 former MLAs running for mayor in Strathcona County to unseat one-term incumbent

In St. Albert, the city northwest of Edmonton, a total of 24 candidates are running — four for mayor and 20 for a seat on council. (Peter Evans/CBC)

On Monday, St. Albert and Strathcona County voters will head to the polls to choose who will be the mayors and councillors of some of the communities neighbouring Edmonton.   

In St. Albert, the city northwest of Edmonton, a total of 24 candidates are running — four for mayor and 20 for one of six seats on council. St. Albert has a population of about 66,000 with an estimated 50,500 eligible voters. Voter turnout in 2017 was 42.9 per cent. The city has no wards. 

In Strathcona County, where more than half the population resides in the large community of Sherwood Park, east of Edmonton, a total of 29 candidates are running — five for mayor, including two former MLAs, and 24 for a seat on council in eight wards. Strathcona County has a population of 98,381 with an estimated 75,985 eligible voters. Voter turnout in 2017 was 39.1 per cent. 

Read on to learn who's running and where.

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St. Albert's mayoral candidates for the 2021 civic election 

Catherine Heron (Cathy) 

Incumbent Cathy Heron has been mayor of St. Albert for one term, following two terms as a city councillor. Heron is a former environmental analyst. 

Heron's platform includes a vibrant downtown core, environmental stewardship, a welcoming and inclusive city, fiscal responsibility, and government transparency. 

David Letourneau

David Letourneau has worked with family doctors and emergency departments across Alberta in the areas of team development, strategic priorities, and managing finances.  

Even though Letourneau has no political experience, he said his work with multiple teams in health care, finance and small business has given him an understanding of the value of listening and learning in order to make decisions in support of the long-term sustainability of St. Albert. 

Letourneau's campaign focuses on revitalizing the downtown core, affordable housing, and preserving St. Albert's "iconic small-town charm."

Bob Russell

Paralegal Bob Russell is a former school trustee and five-term St. Albert city councillor. 

His platform priorities include a municipal planning commission to promote transparency for development projects, affordable housing, fiscal responsibility, and collaboration with regional municipalities and provincial government. 

Angela Wood

Angela Wood is in the final stages of completing her law degree at the University of Alberta. She has experience in crisis management and financial management. 

Her platform priorities include fiscal responsibility, council transparency, and further review of the Badger Lands solar farm project financials. 

St. Albert candidates for councillor

Shelley Biermanski: Small business owner with experience as a manager, negotiator, advisor and trainer. Focuses include sustainable development, government transparency, encouraging local business, community safety and cleanliness. 

Wes Brodhead (incumbent): Three-term councillor; former public transit director. Focuses include regional, inter-municipal transit, arts and culture, sustainable development, and reconciliation.

Gilbert Cantin: Civil engineer with experience on large construction projects. Platform includes fiscal responsibility, traffic improvements, and attracting new businesses and industry.

Sandy Clark: Paralegal. Campaigning on fiscal responsibility, traffic stress mitigation, downtown revitalization, supporting small business, nature preservation and attracting business investment.  

Jennifer Cote: Background in provincial government oil sands policy, management, and regulation. Campaigning on increased community engagement, fiscal responsibility, pause on the Badger Lands solar farm project, preserving green spaces, and increased access to recreational activities.  

Mike Ferguson: Former oil patch worker; currently working for Canada Post. Focuses include nature preservation over high-density development, supporting family recreation. 

Ross Guffei: Background in environmental studies with experience in urban planning, design and construction supervision. Platform includes council transparency, traffic improvements and fiscal responsibility. 

Sheena Hughes (incumbent): Three-term councillor; former public transit director. Focuses include regional, inter-municipal transit, arts and culture, sustainable development, and reconciliation.

Kevan Donald Jess: Former fire commissioner with experience in the oil patch and construction. Priorities include fiscal responsibility, public transit improvements, photo radar improvements, increased regional and provincial collaboration. 

Natalie Joly (incumbent): One-term councillor; MBA candidate at Athabasca University. Focuses include food security and diversification, ending poverty, building a more inclusive city, multiculturalism, infrastructure projects, road repair, and local job opportunities.

Rachel Jones: Experience in oil and gas services, sales, change management, operations, public relations, marketing and early childhood education. Focuses include community safety and accessibility.

Donna Kawahara: Health-care professional and photographer. Platform includes care for green spaces, inclusion and diversity, fiscal responsibility and support for the arts. 

Mike Killick: More than 25 years of senior leadership roles in the telecom industry. Priorities include addressing traffic issues, supporting new opportunities to grow the tax base, and protecting parks and community facilities. 

Shawn Michel LeMay: Canadian Armed Forces veteran, former Mountie. Platform includes council transparency, support for business growth, environmental stewardship, community safety, affordable housing, and transit improvements. 

Ken MacKay (incumbent): One-term councillor; former investigator with the Office of the Child and Youth Advocate; retired police superintendent. Focuses include community safety, COVID-19 recovery, economic development, fiscal responsibility, infrastructure projects, and regional collaboration. 

Wally Popik: Alberta Hockey hall of famer; electrician. Campaigning on fiscal responsibility and council transparency.  

Louis Sobolewski: Former auditor for the Canada Revenue Agency. Focuses include council transparency, development and growth, protection of green spaces, and fiscal responsibility. 

Isadore Peter Stoyko: Retired contractor. Priorities include fiscal responsibility, police, fire department, emergency services, building maintenance and regional collaboration on services. 

Joseph Trapani: Former Morinville councillor. Campaigning on support for local businesses and organizations, government transparency, attracting more industry and fiscal responsibility.

Leonard Wilkins: Telecommunications technician with business and sales experience. Platform includes fiscal responsibility, attracting new industry and businesses, traffic and public transit improvements, and increased recreational services. 

Strathcona County's mayoral candidates for the 2021 civic election 

Albert Biel

Al Biel is a journeyman carpenter, building construction technologist, and professional engineer with over 40 years as a business owner. 

Biel's work across western Canada as an engineer and business owner on small and large infrastructure projects has inspired him to help reduce "red tape" and costs for projects in Strathcona County.  

He has volunteered in the community and abroad, including work with Habitat for Humanity, Hope Mission, and internationally was involved in building a school in Romania, and helped start a women's shelter in Mexico. 

Biel is campaigning on a platform of open council and committee meetings, holding administration financially and socially accountable, open communication with residents and business owners, and re-evaluation of COVID-19 restrictions in the county. 

David Dixon

Sherwood Park professional engineer David Dixon is seeking the mayor's chair for a second time. Dixon first campaigned for the city's top job in 2017.

Dixon's platform priorities include minimizing capital costs for Strathcona County's Bremner Area urban community project, action to control the COVID crisis, transportation, trash and increased regional collaboration.   

Rod Frank 

Incumbent Rod Frank has been mayor of Strathcona County for one term, following 30 years in business and law. 

Frank's previous experience in the business world includes roles as co-leader of legal services at Telus, and in the legal field, he is a former head of the Canadian Bar Association's national competition law section. 

Frank co-founded the Elk Island Education Foundation as one of the original incorporators and is also a former president and general manager of the Edmonton Wildcat Junior Football Club. 

His focuses as mayor have been "financial certainty" for individuals and industry, health measures to combat COVID-19, and agriculture.  

Annie McKitrick

Annie McKitrick spent most of her professional career working with municipal governments before she was elected to represent Sherwood Park as MLA in the provincial government from 2015 to 2019. 

McKitrick's municipal platform espouses working with elected officials at all orders of government to foster a "competitive, vibrant and healthy community." 

Among priorities listed on her website are providing needed services equitably to both rural and urban parts of the county, green initiatives and sustainability, affordable housing, affordable recreation programs, supporting market gardeners and small agricultural producers, and supporting tourism across the county. 

Dave Quest

Dave Quest was elected to the Provincial Legislature as an MLA in 2008 and 2012. 

Quest's campaign includes advocacy for clean energy, lowering the residential speed limit, free transit, and internet access for every resident across the county. 

His focuses also include increased help for residents dealing with pandemic social issues such as mental health problems, family violence and job loss; residential and commercial tax relief. 

At the provincial level, Quest served in cabinet as associate minister for seniors. 

Strathcona County's candidates for councillor

Ward 1

  • Population: 13,606; estimated eligible voters: 10,486.
  • Boundary note: Sherwood Drive on the east, 34th Street on the west, Sherwood Park Freeway on the south, and Highway 16 on the north. 

Doug Best: Realtor by profession. Campaign focuses on pandemic relief, including a temporary decrease or freeze of property taxes, reduction in council pay, auditing the development process for transparency and efficiency, and improving county resource allocation. 

Ray Mccartney: Retired mainstream media video editor and photographer. Campaigning on fiscal responsibility, increased transparency of council committees, infrastructure projects, and building a seniors hub. 

Robert Parks (incumbent): One-term councillor for Ward 1; former banker, business advisor. Focuses include road safety and providing resources for children to learn successfully. 

Paul Wielens: Certified international freight forwarder. Campaigning on fiscal responsibility, council transparency, affordable housing for seniors and low-income families, mental health supports, youth and seniors programming. 

Ward 2 

  • Population: 14,542; estimated eligible voters: 10,914.
  • Boundary note: Clover Bar Road on the east, Sherwood Drive on the west, Granada Boulevard on the south, and Lakeland Drive on the north. 

Dave Anderson: (incumbent): Two-term councillor for Ward 2. Focuses include infrastructure projects, regional transportation, food security, volunteerism. 

Leonard Goulet: Canadian Forces veteran. Focuses include affordable housing, increased community involvement in decision-making, mental wellness for seniors.  

Ward 3 

  • Population: 11,865; estimated eligible voters: 9,416.
  • Boundary note: Clover Bar Road on the east, Sherwood Drive on the west, Granada Boulevard on the north. 

Brian Botterill (incumbent): Three-term councillor for Ward 3; student, former banker, former professional canoe polo athlete. Focuses include infrastructure projects, municipal finances, regional transportation, inter-municipal relations, agriculture.

Lorne Harvey:  Accountant. Platform includes support for vaccine mandates, seniors care, affordable housing, financial accountability, community safety, promoting jobs and encouraging business growth.

Teunis Kruger: Worked in senior management for small and large businesses. Campaigning on housing options for seniors and families, support for a new seniors hub, affordable high-speed internet, fiscal responsibility.  

Ward 4 

  • Population: 18,041; estimated eligible voters: 13,224.
  • Boundary note: Highway 21 on the east, Sherwood Drive and Range Road 232 on the west, Baseline Road on the south, and Township Road 534 on the north. 

Hugh Bell: Self-employed municipal consultant, worked as manager of treasury and risk management for Strathcona County. Campaign focuses on fiscal responsibility, controlling property and business taxes, seniors hub. 

Isaac Cameron: No public contact information provided.

Bill Tonita (incumbent): One-term councillor for Ward 4; former educational administrator, music minister. Focuses include the arts, community safety, economic development and tourism, inter-municipal relations, infrastructure projects, and regional transportation. 

Ward 5 

  • Population: 9,412; estimated eligible voters: 7,480.
  • No incumbent.
  • Boundary note: Includes hamlets of Josephburg and Ardrossan.

Leighton Larson: Canadian Armed Forces veteran; works in the recycling industry. Vision includes environmental advocacy and fiscal responsibility. 

Daryl Marler: Economic diversification shadow cabinet minister for the Alberta Party; runs a cow calf operation. Campaigning on mental health, support for seniors, fixing wi-fi issues, and attracting the tech industry.  

Aaron C. Nelson: Worked in account management, sales and marketing. Focuses include agriculture, council transparency, lower property taxes, fiscal responsibility. 

Ken Timperley: Red seal plumber-steamfitter. Platform includes balancing development with agriculture and rural living, crime prevention and community safety.  

Ward 6 

  • Population: 9,296; estimated eligible voters: 7,447.
  • No incumbent.
  • Boundary note: Range Road 224 on the east, Range Road 234 on the west, Township Road 510 on the south, and Wye Road and Township Road 530 on the north. 

Alan Dunn: Professional engineer; elected to Strathcona County council in 2004 and 2007. Campaign includes infrastructure development, industrial development, reducing "red tape" for businesses.

Vaun Gage: Former business owner. Focuses include ensuring safe and effective COVID protocols, support for seniors, youth and the vulnerable, rural infrastructure development. 

Corey-Ann Hartwick: Business owner. Campaigning on mental and physical health and economic needs, fiscal responsibility, expansion of rural trail system, high-speed internet access throughout the county.   

Ward 7 

  • Population: 8,341; estimated eligible voters: 6,768.
  • Boundary note: Includes North Cooking Lake, Collingwood Cove, Half Moon Lake, South Cooking Lake, and Hastings Lake areas. 

Dylan Bohaychuk: Bachelor of environmental science degree from University of Alberta. Focuses include council transparency, accessibility, affordability. 

Harvey Grabill: Worked as an environmental manager with Epcor. Focuses include changing land use bylaws in rural areas, supporting business recovery from the pandemic, climate change.  

Glen Lawrence (incumbent): Five-term councillor for Ward 7 (1998-2010, 2017-present); former educator, energy advisor, self-employed home builder. Focuses include conservation of priority habitat areas, agriculture, and infrastructure projects.

Ward 8 

  • Population: 13,278; estimated eligible voters: 10,250.
  • Boundary note: Highway 21 on the east, Clover Bar Road on the west, Wye Road on the south, and Baseline Road on the north. 

Rahat Abdulla: Business owner; vacation consultant. Focuses include fiscal responsibility, stronger interaction with residents, youth, young families, seniors.

Katie Berghofer (incumbent): One-term councillor for Ward 8; former varsity rugby athlete, recreation therapist, long-term care and retail manager. Focuses include volunteerism, affordable housing for seniors and young adults, environmental conservation. 


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