Spruce Grove Gun Club focused on reopening after lawsuit discontinued

After years of controversy, members of the Spruce Grove Gun Club are still focused on reopening.

A discontinued million-dollar lawsuit is the latest in the Parkland gun club saga

A member of the Spruce Grove Gun Club practises pistol shooting in 2015. (Laura Osman/CBC)

A lawsuit against the Spruce Grove Gun Club, amidst years of contention over safety and noise complaints, was dropped — and now the club is hoping to reopen soon.

The club plans to apply for a development permit and submit a request for approval to the province, according to the club's spokesperson.

Years of fighting to close the shooting range in Spruce Grove over complaints of noise and stray bullets included a million-dollar lawsuit filed by a homeowner against Parkland County, the gun club and Surrey View Farms, the landowner.

According to court documents, The plaintiffs, Darren Degeer and Natasha Degeer, claimed to have found a bullet in the exterior of their home nearly two kilometres north of the shooting range four years ago. They said it came from the nearby outdoor shooting range.

The lawsuit was dropped on Jan. 23, though it's unclear why it was dropped. The parties involved in the lawsuit have refused to comment on it.

The Spruce Grove Gun Club is currently shutdown, but a spokesperson says its members plan to go through the application process to reopen. (Travis McEwan)

Previously operating for 40 years, the Spruce Grove Gun Club was closed by Parkland County in the summer of 2014. The county allowed it to reopen months later, but it was eventually closed again.