Spruce Grove author seduces with sexy Harlequin snowstorm story

Spruce Grove's Taryn Taylor has penned her first novel: a sexy farce about what happens after two strangers are mistakenly given the same hotel room.

Taryn Taylor already at work on second novel, a very Canadian-sounding sexy hockey story

This is Taylor's first foray in the world of professional publishing. (Tim Adams/CBC)

Imagine this: you're seated on a plane in a snowstorm. Unbeknownst to you, the stranger seated next to you shares your last name. The plane makes an emergency landing and hotel chits are handed out — and you find yourself shacking up with that certain seat buddy you've never before met.

Sexy hilarity ensues.

That is the premise of a new book, Kiss and Makeup, written by Spruce Grove author Taryn Taylor, and published by Harlequin Blaze.

The book is Taylor's first foray into publishing, and came about after she entered the So You Think You Can Write contest hosted by Harlequin. Last fall, she submitted her manuscript of the first chapter — and though she didn't win, she did get signed to finish the book, which has just hit the shelves.

Taylor, who has dreamed of being an author since she was in Grade 2, says she went numb when she got the news she was going to be published.

"I don't flail or scream or anything — I think that I must have turned 10 shades of red, and I was just very quiet for the rest of the day."

That was last January. Now, she is hard at work on her second book, a hockey-themed romance called Playing to Win.

"The first (book) took a very long time, because I had no deadlines except my own and I'm a procrastinator to the core," she said. "The second one coming out in January … I had three months from inception to the end."

Because Taylor also has a full-time day job, she can only write in the evenings and weekends, fitting in a few words whenever she has down time. Her goal is to write 1,000 words per day.

The dream, though, is to one day support herself entirely as an author, following the footsteps of other famous authors such as Nora Roberts, who got her start in bodice-ripping romances.

One element that's likely to remain permanent in her novels, though, is romance, Taylor says.

"I write a little bit of everything but definitely I'm a rom-com kind of girl."

Taylor has planned two book signings in Edmonton to promote her first novel. She'll be at the west-end Chapters on Oct. 4 and Indigo Books in south Edmonton on Oct. 10.


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