'The entire roof was engulfed in flames': Cause of Sherwood Park fire not yet determined

Firefighters continued dousing hotspots on Sunday at a Sherwood Park equipment rental shop that burned down the day before.

The All Season Equipment rental building caught fire at 3:40 p.m. Saturday

A fire broke out at the All Season Equipment building on Saturday evening. On Sunday, steam could still be seen rising from the building's charred remains. (CBC)

Firefighters continued dousing hotspots on Sunday at a Sherwood Park equipment rental shop that burned down the day before.

Strathcona County crews responded to a fire at the All Season Equipment building on Sioux Road near Broadmoor Boulevard around 3:40 p.m. The building was fully engulfed by the time crews arrived.

On Sunday, piles of charred rubble coated in thick ice was all that remained of the building. 

Devin Capcara with Strathcona County Emergency Services said the firefighters first tried an interior attack but were pushed back. "They were driven back by heavy smoke and high heat inside the building," he told CBC News. 

The fire soon broke through the roof, which meant Capcara and his crews turned to the defensive. "We ended up having to evacuate all the surrounding buildings," he said.

Witness Tracy Wildermuth was trying to go to the 7-Eleven adjacent to the All Season Equipment building. She wasn't able to get far. "The entire roof was engulfed in flames," she said. "That building is going to be completely gone. It was unbelievable how fast it went up."

Wildermuth said workers in the 7-Eleven left the building and officials were moving propane tanks away from the fire. 

Firefighters were called to a fire in Sherwood Park near Sioux Road and Broadmoor Boulevard on Saturday. (Connor Whittall/Facebook)

Capcara said the building — which has tires, small tractors and many other flammable materials — was the reason the smoke was so thick. "There's a pretty heavy fire load inside of there," he said

There are no reports of injuries. Neighbouring businesses were evacuated as a precaution.

Wildermuth said the timeliness of the fire was unlucky. "It's unfortunate that a week before Christmas and that business is gone," she said. "Like, completely gone."

The cause of the fire has not been determined.

Officials said the crew first tried an interior attack, but were pushed back by the high heat and heavy smoke. (Hugo Levesque/Radio-Canada)

With files from Hugo Levesque