Several cattle killed on Alberta highway after livestock truck loses animals

RCMP say incident involving truck hauling cattle resulted in six collisions on Highway 2A.

Wetaskiwin man says car is a write-off after hitting cow

Eric Dick's damaged car after he struck a cow on Highway 2A, Thursday night. (Tasha Dorchester)

Eric Dick grew up on a farm and is used to seeing cattle but not in the middle of the road.

That's what the Wetaskiwin man encountered at around 7 p.m. Thursday when driving on Highway 2A between Kavanagh and Millet, south of Edmonton.

It's not exactly clear how the cattle ended up on the roadway but RCMP say a truck hauling the animals was involved.

"I was just driving along and I came upon one animal that had obviously already been struck," Dick said. "It was laying right basically in the middle of the road.

"And then — absolutely no reaction time later — there was another one standing right dead centre in my lane and couldn't do anything about it and ended up hitting it."

Dick wasn't seriously hurt but his Pontiac Sunfire suffered major damage.

"The car is completely wrote off," he said. "The whole front end is completely smashed; the windshield is smashed."

Dick tried to prevent others from hitting more cattle.

"We were flagging people down, warning other drivers that were coming to slow down and get their attention so there was no other injuries," Dick said.

Dick doesn't know if there were other casualties, but the RCMP confirm there was a total of six multi-vehicle collisions.

"I did come across a guy in his welding truck who I think hit that first one (cow) that I had avoided, and his truck was down in the ditch," said Dick. "He'd definitely struck one of them."

An RCMP spokesperson could not say how many animals were killed.