Still time for boys and girls to get off the 'naughty' list, Santa tells CBC Edmonton

Santa took a break from Christmas preparations to visit the Edmonton AM crew Wednesday.

Those wanting presents can get back on the 'nice' list with good behaviour,

Santa answers questions before his big day on Edmonton AM. Garrette McGowan finds out he still has time to make the nice list. 2:07

Santa Claus issued some hopeful advice for "naughty" children when he took a break from Christmas preparations to visit the Edmonton AM crew Wednesday morning.

The plump, white-bearded, red-suited, jolly old man has been busy getting ready for his cross-continental trip to deliver presents to everyone who made the "nice" list in the past year.

But for those boys and girls thinking they might end up on the "naughty"  list — not to worry. 

Santa says there's still time before Christmas Day to turn it around and get back in the "nice" category, by clearly showing good behaviour. 

Santa has been commuting back and forth from the North Pole to visit the boys and girls in Edmonton at Bonnie Doon mall and other locations.

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