Royal Alberta Museum to be commemorated in massive comic book

A group of local comic book writers and artists will be trying to create the world’s biggest comic book this weekend.

25 comic book writers, artists to create world's largest comic book

This weekend comic book writers and artists are going to try to break the world record for the biggest comic book. The group headed by Jay Bardyla talked with Mark Connolly on Edmonton AM about the logistics of making this happen. 4:02

A group of local comic book writers and artists will be trying to create the world's biggest comic book this weekend.

For 48 hours Jay Bardyla and a bunch of artists will be writing, inking and colouring their way into the record books in commemoration of the closing of the Royal Alberta Museum on 104th Avenue.

"The book that we are going to make is going to be five feet tall," Bardyla said. That's five times the size of the standard comic.

"We are hand-making the book, improvising it, with about 25 different creators from across Alberta," he said.

The story line will involve the Royal Alberta Museum and the Edmonton Public Schools Foundation, which is the charity the comic will be supporting.

For a $250 donation, contributors can suggest a character for the colossal comic.

The event begins Friday at 5 p.m. and goes until 5 p.m. Sunday on the mezzanine level of the museum.

"They (the museum staff) have custom built us tables to accommodate the sheets of paper for us to work on," Bardyla said.

During this weekend's closing festivities the museum is free to attend and is open the entire 48 hours.