Rexall Place renovations to cost $85 million

Northlands ambitious new plan to Rexall Place into a six sheet competition centre is expected to cost $85 million, a spokesperson confirmed Tuesday.

Northlands to announce changes to the entire grounds as part of new vision

Plans to convert the single arena into six separate sheets of ice is expected to cost $85 million.

Northlands ambitious new plan to turn Rexall Place into a six-sheet competition centre is expected to cost $85 million, a spokesperson confirmed Tuesday.

Northlands will formally announce its plans on Wednesday at 11 a.m.

Northlands spokesperson Trish Filevich said Clark Builders and PCL conducted a cost analysis of the plan, which is still pending council approval and funding.

Mayor Don Iveson said the cost of converting the arena is a "pretty good deal" compared to building six new single-sheet arenas. He said the overall cost of the proposal will have to be weighed against other city priorities.

"Resources are constrained in this economic environment," he said.

Northlands' plan includes changes to the entire campus, which may put an end to horse racing. 

Iveson said the provincial and federal governments may choose to contribute to some parts of the plan as part of their infrastructure stimulus spending.

He said there is some urgency when it comes to the future of Rexall Place. He said the new vision for the arena will likely draw tourists to the city, and ease the demand for minor league ice time.

He said part of the business case may include closing single sheet facilities in that part of the city, if the more-efficient multiplex can handle the demand.

"Those are all things that will weigh in council's consideration of what to do with Northlands," Iveson said.

Council will debate Northlands' plan in March. The mayor said he expects city staff will do some additional analysis before council commits any funds.


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