Remains found in Strathcona County fire wreck

Police have discovered human remains in the wreck of a Strathcona County house gutted by fire last week.
Firefighters look for the cause of a house fire in Strathcona County on Monday, April 11, 2011. (CBC)

Police have discovered human remains in the wreck of a Strathcona County house gutted by fire last week.

"Investigators can now confirm that human remains were found on scene," Cpl. Darren Anderson said in a written statement.

"Due to the condition of the remains, a positive identification is not immediately possible and will have to be completed with further examination."

Anderson said he did not know how long the identification process would take.

The fire was reported at around 12:41 a.m. on Monday, April 11, after an Edmonton police helicopter spotted flames coming from a home in the Winfield Heights subdivision.

The house and contents were completely destroyed before the fire could be extinguished.

Dr. John Cyril Koziak (Strathcona County RCMP)

The homeowner, 66-year-old Dr. John Cyril Koziak was reported missing. LastThursday, Anderson said that the RCMP was having difficulty searching through the fire debris for signs of any occupants.

"The home was quite large and contained a lot of articles inside," Anderson said.

"This has created a large amount of debris left behind after the fire and investigators are now beginning a secondary search through this debris."

An RCMP forensic anthropologist was brought in to assist the search teams on the weekend.

Police and Strathcona County Victim Services have notified Koziak's friends and family members of the discovery of the remains.

The cause of the fire is under investigation by the RCMP and Strathcona County Emergency Services.