Man arrested after standoff with police in Spruce Grove

A man has been arrested after a standoff with police in a Spruce Grove neighbourhood.

Father took girl, 3, from Edmonton after domestic dispute, police say

RCMP officers block off the road into Heritage Creek in Spruce Grove while waiting for a warrant. (Rod Maldaner/CBC)

A man has been arrested after a standoff with police in Spruce Grove following a domestic dispute.

Officers were called to a residence in Edmonton's northwest around 10:45 a.m. Thursday to respond to a domestic dispute between a man and a woman.

The man then took his three-year-old daughter in what police say was an attempted kidnapping. 

Police say the father was not legally allowed near the residence. 

Hours later, RCMP located the man in Heritage Creek, a gated residential neighbourhood near Hawthorne Gate in Spruce Grove.

Two RCMP vehicles blocked the entrance to the neighbourhood while police waited outside the home for a warrant to enter. 

The RCMP forced their way into the house where the accused man was found, leaving signs of damage on the front door. (Rod Maldaner/CBC)

RCMP told residents to stay inside their homes while they continued to investigate the scene. Others were asked to stay away from the neighbourhood.

The man was later arrested without incident. The girl was returned to her mother in Edmonton and didn't suffer any injuries. 

Police said the man and woman both suffered minor injuries after their dispute. 

Charges are pending against the man arrested, police said.

With files from Anna Desmarais