Radicalized youth in Edmonton worries police chief

Edmonton's police chief says he worries about the radicalization of youth in the city.

2 officers assigned to work full time on counter-terrorism

Edmonton police chief Rod Knecht says there are ongoing investigations into radicalized youth in the city. (CBC News)

Edmonton's police chief says he worries about the radicalization of youth in the city.  

"I think every police chief in any major city and I would say even in small communities should have concern about youth radicalization and radicalization in general," said Chief Rod Knecht.

"We know this can happen anywhere.  Is it happening here?  I can tell you we have ongoing investigations."

Knecht won't say how many investigations are underway and he doesn't know of any specific threats.

Two officers are assigned to work full time on counter-terrorism, but both police and the public need to be vigilant, he said.

Recent incidents in Canada such as the attack on Parliament last month has led to more stringent security at the Alberta Legislature.

The police chief says he hopes any other changes don't go too far.

"We don't want to let them win in the sense that if we're forced to change our lifestyle and give up our freedoms and do things very, very different to what we as Canadians do, they have won."