Rachel Notley supports federal NDP climate change plan

Alberta Premier Rachel Notley says she supports the federal NDP’s climate change plan. The part she likes the best? The fact provinces can set their own policies.

Notley's support for plan is rooted in Alberta being allowed to draft own policies

Alberta Premier Rachel Notley was in Montreal speaking to that city's board of trade on Monday. On Tuesday, she spoke with investors in New York. (Graham Hughes/Canadian Press)

Alberta Premier Rachel Notley says she support the federal NDP's climate change plan.

The part she likes the best? The fact the provinces can set their own policies.

"My opinion with respect to the federal party's plan for climate change is that Alberta can work with it, and it's reasonable."  

Notley's comments on federal leader Tom Mulcair's plan came under attack in Montreal on Monday, after she said a national cap-and-trade program, a key part of the federal party's climate change policy, may not be the "best road forward."

Speaking from New York on Tuesday, Notley reiterated her support for the national party's plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and said she liked Mulcair's idea to allow province's to draft their own plans. She said cap-and-trade may not work for Alberta. 

"We're not interested in a plan ... that would see us moving capital out of Alberta, which means likely the cap-and-trade plan is not going to work for us," said Notley. 

Notley was in New York meeting with business leaders, where she said she is communicating the "importance of investment in Alberta."

The Alberta government began work on a new climate change strategy in August, when the environment minister appointed a five-member panel to consult with environmental experts, industry and Albertans.


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