Rachel Notley meets with Alberta's Lieutenant Governor

Alberta Premier-designate Rachel Notley met with Lt.-Gov. Donald Ethell Thursday.
Rachel Notley, Albertan's next premier, meets with Lt.-Gov. Donald Ethell Thursday. (Kim Trynacity/CBC)

Alberta Premier-designate Rachel Notley met with Lt.-Gov. Donald Ethell Thursday to begin the process of handing over the government after more than 43 years of Progressive Conservative rule.

Notley told reporters she is now starting to get over people calling her premier and is getting down to work.

"I am starting to have some really amazing meetings about all the things that we have on our plate and it's a big job, but I'm very excited at the challenge and I think we're going to do be able to do some really good stuff."

Notley said the NDP will be meeting together as a caucus for the first time on Saturday.