Quadruple amputee Daniel Ennett hosts own adventure TV show

Edmonton university student and quadruple amputee takes on new challenge as host of adventure TV show.

Quadruple amputee now the host of a new television show called Invincible

Daniel Ennett enjoys a relaxing swim. (Open Sky Pictures)

Daniel Ennett has scaled mountains, explored underwater and felt what it’s like to dance.

All without arms or legs.

The quadruple amputee is now on an uncharted adventure. He’s the host of a new television show called Invincible, highlighting achievements of disabled men and women in Edmonton.

Daniel Ennett embarks on a new path in his TV show Invincible. (Open Sky Pictures)
The experience has been a revelation, even for Ennett, who routinely overcomes challenges as part of daily life.

“I wasn’t really aware of a lot of things that are available to me,” says Ennett, 21. "Just the sheer amount of things disabled people can have access to.”

Ennett was five when he contracted meningitis and lost all of his limbs. Meningitis is caused by a virus or bacterial infection that inflames the lining around the brain and spinal cord. In some cases it can be fatal.

The television show has given Ennett another opportunity to test his capabilities. Even activities not considered high-risk adventure sports are now part of his life.

“I never thought I’d be curling, but now I curl regularly at the Saville Centre."

Show producer Frederick Kroetsch says he has big plans for future episodes, and for Ennett.

“We format it as an international travel adventure show,” says Kroetsch. “I want to see Daniel climb Mount Kilimanjaro and dive with sharks.”

Ennett says he’s willing to try just about anything, but that thing with sharks might not be on the list, though he’s not ruling it out just yet.

“I’m always skeptical. How are we going to do this? And they always end up having some kind of contraption, or eight people to come and help me do it.”

“People are usually anxious for me. I try to bring them down a notch to try to keep it level-headed, people panicking about me drowning.”

The show Invincible is available on Telus TV and Youtube.

with files from Edmonton AM